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Learn from the Best Salespeople Around

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December 8  |  Business, Customer Relations, Marketing  |   JDostal
Jeff Dostal, President of Marketing Firepower

By Jeff Dostal

Do you have kids? Do you know someone who has kids? Watch them work. Especially the younger ones. These are the best sales people around.

  • They know what they want.
  • They have a narrow focus about what they want to accomplish.
  • They make clear what they want.
  • Kids are the Best SalespeopleThey have no problem letting you know exactly what they would like.
  • They are persistent. I don’t know how many “no’s” a salesperson must hear before they will hear a “yes” and I would bet kids don’t know the number either and they don’t care. They will ask and ask and ask and ask until they get the right
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Word of Mouth – Will it put you out of business?

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November 20  |  Advertising, Customer Relations, Marketing  |   JDostal
Jeff Dostal, President of Marketing Firepower

Ask almost any small business owner what the best form of advertising is, and you’re likely to hear, “Word of mouth.” “It’s the cheapest form of advertising” they’ll say, “And the most effective.” And they’re right. Sort of. If you have customers singing your praises and referring you to their friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, word of mouth can be a

Word of Mouth Advertising

powerful and inexpensive advertising tool. But let me ask you this. How often do you tell others about a business exchange you were involved in? How often do you go out of your way to urge others to do business with someone?

Think about it. When you thrill your customer with that “magic moment” experience…they might tell a few others. Might. Provide average service or an average experience…they won’t be talking to anyone about you. But, fail to put your best foot forward. Fail to provide exceptional service. Fail to do the little extras many customers have come to expect and allow your customers perception of their experience with your business to be a subpar one….

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