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April 17  |  Advertising, Business, Marketing, News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

An old classmate who has become a good friend and client wrote the following in his blog recently. I thought his perspective was interesting and very much appreciated!

Marketing Vs Advertising Vs Prospecting

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 02:01 PM PDT

I know, I have a BSBA in Marketing but until about 4 years ago I did not really follow what I learned in school. What happened 4 years ago?

I reconnected with Jeff Dostal with Marketing Firepower.  Jeff and I went to Norfolk Catholic High School together.  Jeff completely revolutionized what I think about marketing, advertising and prospecting.

Some things I learned.

Building a brand take time.

If you want to succeed you need to dedicate time, money and resources to marketing, advertising and prospecting and they are very different from one another.

These activities are all about consistency

No matter what your budget is you need to have a budget.

You need a plan  and you need a team to help you execute that plan.

You need to constantly remind people, including your current customers, what you do.

You need to reach out and touch your customers often.

If you do not focus on growing your business it will ultimately go out of business.

Jeff has a lot of great resources on his website, check it out at


When we work together it works!

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August 2  |  Advertising, Business, Customer Relations, Marketing, News, Partnerships, Recession, Uncategorized  |   JDostal
What we love about helping businesses is when they will work with us and really let us help them. A client in Halifax wanted to get on the radio up there. We got him going. He next wanted to use a local friend to create a better website. Here is part of what he wrote to his website guy: 

“Due to the high response we are getting on our radio ads we have decided to start the process earlier than we originally told you.”

Would you like your marketing and advertising to work better than you expected? Give us a call.


It’s OK to not do it all!

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March 18  |  Advertising, Business, Marketing, Marketing Bridge, News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

Had a great conversation last night with a long time client. He went back to when we first started working together and told us that the best decision he made to grow his company was realizing he couldn’t do everything and he needed to find people he could trust to help him. He said that’s when he decided to partner with Marketing Firepower. Wow, that was awesome to hear!

Don’t Fall Into the Yellow Page trap!

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February 9  |  Advertising, Business, Marketing, Media, News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

A client we partner with has gone from investing over $100,000 a year in the yellow pages to just a few years ago to only $11,000 this coming year. They have taken the difference and become much more intrusive and effective with their advertising. This is just one of the many benefits of a partnership with us here at Marketing Firepower. It just might be the best marketing decision you’ll make.

Another Great Partnership!

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January 27  |  News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

We are really excited about a new partnership we have begun with Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical and Plumbing. What an amazing company. They are truly employee owned and you really are working with an owner each and every time! If you want focus and help with making your marketing and advertising as effective as possible we invite you to do what Bryant is doing and partner with Marketing Firepower.

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January 25  |  News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

Marketing Firepower had the honor of presenting this morning to a group of clients for Image Inflators. If you need banners, signs or any other items to showcase your business, give Scott Stream and Chris Johnson a call and visit them online at If you work with businesses and would like to offer them something extra, contact me (Jeff Dostal) and we can talk about providing a marketing and advertising presentation for them!

New Partnership!

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January 21  |  News, Partnerships  |   JDostal

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Lynette Helling and her team at Interim Healthcare. She is an amazing person and they have an amazing company!