Don’t Hide Your Value

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April 20  |  Business, Customer Relations, Marketing  |   JDostal
Jeff Dostal, President of Marketing Firepower

Have you ever seen or heard advertisements that proudly proclaim they are the “best kept secret?” Not something that should be a source of pride. The same can be said for businesses who don’t want to “toot their own horn.”

Is there a reason consumers should spend money with your business? Then tell them! Don’t make them work to find out. Are you guilty of saying “come on down and see how we do business” or “ask you friends what it’s like to do business with us” or “you should find out what it’s like to do business with us?”

Don't Add Your Value

Stop this! Stop it right now. If you have a place to say these things then you have a place to give people reasons to do business with you. As a consumer, I’m a busy person. I don’t have time to “come on down and see what it’s like” to do business with you. As a consumer, I don’t have time to ask around to find someone who’s done business with you. TELL ME! THEN, TELL ME AGAIN because I’ll forget.

I’ve talked to too many businesses that feel uncomfortable sharing the benefits of doing business with them. They feel as if it’s “bragging” or being a bit cocky. It’s not. It’s being a good business owner who knows that what they are offering can benefit the consumer and they want to make sure the consumer knows it.

If you are embarrassed about what you sell or the service you provide, go right ahead and keep it a secret. But if you are proud of what you do and how you do it….let me know. I’m a consumer with money to spend and if you educate me about the benefits of spending it with you and your business, I will.

Jeff is President of Marketing Firepower and an experienced marketing professional. He has helped many business become successful through the effective use of advertising.

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