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September 28  |  News  |   JDostal


Common sense dictates that the more I know about your product or service, the more likely I will engage your business if what you offer fits my needs. However, in todays “instant” society, many in the world of marketing head right for the “tip” of the Buying Funnel.

We all must take our customers through our Buying Funnel. We have to create awareness, we must then create a comprehension of what we do and how we can help them. Then, there must (or at least should) be a trust created. At that point we have a very good opportunity to make the sale.

Effective marketing will educate the consumer as to the benefits of doing business with you. The mistake most businesses make is they spend their time (and money), marketing features of their business and not benefits to the customer.

So what if you are “locally owned and operated”. How does this truly benefit me.

So what if you have been in business for 50 years. Does that mean you are old and set in your ways…..or does it mean you have seen all sides of your industry and it’s allowed you to stay on the cutting edge? ┬áTell me. I do want to know.

So what if you are offering 20% off. I don’t know what the regular price is and I don’t know what the regular price should be. So 20% doesn’t mean anything to me.

Tell me why I should give you my money instead of to anyone else and tell me over and over because I will forget about you each time. But, when I need what you offer, if you have done a solid job of “marketing” to me…you will be rewarded with an easy sale as I’ve already been sold!

Knowing what to say is confusing to many in small business. We can help you. Take me up on a free consultation. We’ll talk about your business and I’ll help you uncover some details I bet you are not sharing in your marketing. Details that if consumers knew, they’d become your customers!

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