I’ve been around two worlds for a long time. Weight loss and marketing/advertising. There is a common theme. When it comes to weight loss, consumers buy into the gimmicks because they so badly want the results. They are willing to believe the pill or potion or gadget will work…because they want it to.

Many small business owners are no different when it comes to attracting customers. They want customers today (right now) and are prone to buy into the too good to be true offers because…they want them to be true. Roy Williams (Wizard of Ads) said it so well…The Cocaine of Advertising. You want customers so you offer 10%…and they come. It was so great you do the same thing next week…but they don’t come. So now we have to move to 20%. After another great event…followed by a not so great event…they jump to 30% and so on. When does it stop.

Consumers make buying decisions for many reasons other than price. When you create value, which is achieved over time, you don’t have to chase price. Besides, do you really want customers who are loyal to only price? Most business owners I know sure don’t.

For successful, long term weight loss success, you have to make changes to your nutrition, add exercise to your time and incorporate a key element…time.

For successful, long term advertising success, you have to determine your value to the consumer, find the place to best share that (I can help you with that), and then incorporate a key element….time.

The majority of great things in our lives have not happened quickly, overnight. Don’t expect your advertising to work that way either.