The Key To Your Success!!!

This is where it starts. This is how we will help your business grow leaps and bounds in the coming years. The first step is to conduct the Value Story Discovery Interview. This process, although seemingly simple on the surface allows us to take our years of experience and uncover the details that you deem to be minor but will be major factors in attracting and keeping customers.

The Value Story Discovery Opportunity

Most companies do great things for their customers. Most simply don’t know how to share what they do in such a way as to attract more customers. It’s not that they don’t have the information. They simply don’t know what to share and how to share it in a way that will create the enthusiasm in the consumer to want to become a customer.  We have the solution to this problem.

1.      An interview via Skype will be scheduled with you and your Internal Marketing Team (we’ll help you determine who all should be a part of this interview).

2.      Each person participating in the interview will fill out a questionnaire ahead of time to bring with them to the interview to use as a reference.

3.      The interview will be conducted and last approximately 90 minutes in length.

4.      A transcription of the recorded interview will be generated and reviewed.

5.      A summary will be created and a summary Skype meeting will take place. During  this meeting, you will be shown the key points of your business that need to be talked about in all of your marketing efforts and how to share that information.


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