Lead with “why?”

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November 20  |  News  |   JDostal

A consistent mistake I see being made by business owners as they attempt to attract customers is they lead with “what” and not “why”. Listen to your local radio. Watch your local TV. Read your local newspaper. You will see business after business sharing what you what they do. A florist telling you they have flowers. An HVAC company telling you they can check your furnace. An attorney telling you they can represent you in court. What you most likely won’t see….”why them”.

My industry attempts to make “creative” the focus when your story is the real focus. Can you explain to my why I should give you my money instead of giving it to your competition? If you can, tell that to me, point by point, in your marketing. If you can’t, you need to step by and perhaps get some outside assistance to uncover what you do that others don’t. You need to uncover why you versus anyone else.

Don’t tell me you have a gym with lot’s of classes. Tell me why I should come to your gym and take your classes.

Don’t tell me you clean teeth. Tell me why I should have you clean my teeth as opposed to anyone else.

Don’t tell me you fix cars. Tell me why I should have you fix my car instead of anyone else.

Effective advertising is not difficult…if you will take a few minutes and determine and then share…..why you!

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