I was working with an HVAC company who also did plumbing work. They decided to add a water filtration system to their business model. After about a year of offering all three services, the company contacted me in frustration and asked….

“Why do my HVAC customers only use me for HVAC and my plumbing customers only for plumbing and my new water filtration customers only for that?”

I asked if he had ever cross promoted the different services to his customers…he had not. As a matter of fact, he had not even thought about doing that. Why? He assumed the customer knew. You learn everyday the customer does not know nearly a fraction of the information about your business you wished they would.

So how do we teach a customer to do business with us? Educate. Marketing is the work you do upfront to share your story so that the actual selling comes easy (or at least easier). But if the customer does not know…only you are to blame!!!

We offer simple phone consultations all the time to help businesses understand what they are NOT SAYING in their marketing and how it is hurting their bottom line. If you’d like to learn what you are NOT SAYING….message me and we’ll talk. I’m at jeff@marketingfirepower.info.