Tracking your ROI (solution revealed!)

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March 16  |  Advertising, Business, Marketing, News  |   JDostal

So how do you know if the money and time you are investing in your marketing and advertising is working? It’s quite simple when you understand the purpose of your efforts. Advertising has one job and that is to communicate your message. What that message communicates determines if someone will come to your business, visit your site or give you a call. At this point, you still have not made the sale but advertising has done it’s job. Now you have to do the rest. So how to you know if your advertising efforts are working, do more people come in to your store than before? Do more people call? Do more people visit your website? It really is that simple. The problem, most companies don’t know how many people are connecting with them today so they won’t be able to know if that number goes up or down. Know your baseline and you will know if your advertising is working.

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